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Mine Health and Safety Requirement for Tamping of Shotholes:


MHSA Regulation 4.14 Shot holes to be stemmed and tamped


The employer must take reasonable measures to ensure that:

(1) tamping of each shot hole is of a minimum length of 0.4m or a third of the length of the shot hole, whichever is the greater, to a maximum length equal to the burden used in the blast pattern; and

(2) no explosives contained in a shot hole are initiated unless the portion of the shot hole between the explosives and the collar is stemmed and tamped by means of a material determined for that purpose by the employer after consultation with explosive manufacture or supplier.


MHSA Regulation 4.15 Amount or mass of explosives in a shot hole. The employer must take reasonably practicable measures to ensure that the maximum amount or mass of explosives used per shot hole is according to the manufacturer's or suppliers recommendations. Read more.


"The ability of an explosive to break rock is influenced considerably by the extent of confinement in the blasthole and it is believed that confinement is improved by the use of stemming. The aim of this paper is to present the first and second stages of results in developing a stemming performance testing and evaluation facility for small diameter boreholes."...READ MORE ON TAMPING


STEMMING RULE (Reg. 4.14):


Burden spacing ≥ Stemmed 1/3 of shot hole length > 0.4m

Example 1:

The shot hole length is 3.1 m

  • A third (1/3) of 3.1m = 1.03 m which is greater than 0.4m
  • The drilling pattern’s burden spacing being 0.7m
  • Based on stemming rule, you cannot stem 1.03m, therefore 0.7m must be stemmed: 0.7m (burden) ≥ 0.7m (stemming) > 0.4m (minimum allowed stemming)

Example 2:

  • The shot hole length is 1.8 m
  • A third (1/3) of 1.8m = 0.6 m which is greater than 0.4m


Stemming and Tamping of All Shot holes Explosives Charged 00 October 2011 Page 2 of 2.

This is a copy of an electronic document. Any hard copy is to be considered as obsolete if not stenciled “Controlled” in red.

  • The drilling pattern’s burden spacing being 0.7m
  • Based on stemming rule, the stemming must be more than 0.6m but less than 0.7m burden spacing: 0.7m (burden) ≥ 0.6m to 0.7m (stemming) > 0.4m (minimum allowed stemming).

Example 3:

  • The shot hole length is 15 m
  • A third (1/3) of 15m = 5 m which is greater than 0.4m
  • The drilling pattern’s burden spacing being 1.2m
  • Based on stemming rule, the stemming must be 1.2m maximum, as 5m would break the rule: 1.2m (burden) ≥ 1.2m (stemming) > 0.4m (minimum allowed stemming).

3. Stemming material must not be removed from the shot holes for any other reason

other than for treating a misfired hole, and such removal of explosives and tamping

must be done by the miner in accordance with the procedures for treating a misfire.



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