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Stemming: means filling in shot holes with inert material

Tamping: means the consolidation of stemming and blasting materials in a shot hole.

Inert Material: in the context of explosives, the term inert material means any material or substance that is unable to react with the explosives when brought into contact with the explosives (a substance/material that is not chemically reactive with any compounds or materials of the explosives).


MALULA TAMPING is made from packaged inert material intended for use as tamping for shotholes before blasting as required by the Mine Health and Safety Act

For safety reasons, the packaging material is made of non-static plastic that will not conduct or store static electricity that can inadvertently initiate electronic explosive starters or any type of explosives. The choice of the tamping material, homogenous gravel, is informed by industry experience and from publicly available research and literature; e.g. masters dissertation by Dawid Boshoff on The Development of Blast hole Stemming Performance Evaluation Model Using  A Purpose Built Testing Facility.





  • Malula Tamping is a cost effective and operationally efficient tamping medium that will ensure optimal retainment of blasting fumes within the shotholes during the blast initiation.


  • Unlike foam type tamping medium, whose strength/harness effectiveness require time to give optimal blasting results, Malula Tamping becomes effective immediately after insertion into the blast hole.


  • Malula Tamping is affordable, and  does not require time and effort wasting "find me after a blast" as is the case with some of the expensive plasting tamping solutions in the market.

  • Carton or paper type tamping is not effective and will not give the the good blasting results that can be achieved with Malula Tamping. DON’T JUST COMPLY TO MHSA, ACHIEVE MAXIMUM BLAST RESULTS COST EFFECTIVELY WITH MALULA TAMPING.

  • Malula Tamping is available for a vast array of drill hole diameters; from as little as 28mm up to 75mm.

  • Malula Tamping is can also be manufactured and supplied with the unique RETRIEVAL STRING which allows for easy removal of the tamping packets in the event of a misfire or cut-offs.

  • Malula Tamping comes in red coloured packaging which makes it easy to identify, especially in the underground environment. Unlike foam type tamping medium, which are wasteful and costly as the WHOLE CAN of foam must be used up once opened, Malula Tamping can be stored away if left over, thus saving the mine on costs.


  • Malula Tamping is supplied in easy to carry and robust bags that can be carried into the stopes by the mine employees. The packaging is made of robust material that wont be easily torn during transportation.

  • Malula Tamping is manufactured and distributed by a 100% Black owned and operated company, potential customers can rest assure that they are supporting broad-based black economic empowerment company.


  • Generally a cost  saving can be achieved with tamping, over and above the benefits realised through better face advances. The reduced usage of explosives at the face translates to a saved environment, i.e. less water contamination (diesel and other chemicals in the explosives)

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